Can't Swim make music without care or concern for genre classification. The New Jersey band — Christopher LoPorto (lead vocals), Mike Sanchez (guitar), Danny Rico (guitar), Greg McDevitt (bass), and Michael Sichel (drums) — only concern themselves with the connection they have to listeners. Their songs are a rich tapestry that details the human experience, flaws and all, through a variety of sounds. For them, the creative process is more about capturing a feeling or idea than conforming to something quickly packaged and sold. It's about being present in the moment and doing whatever they can to help others do the same.
On Someone Who Isn't Me, the band's third EP in two years, Can't Swim allow themselves to step far outside their comfort zone. Though the themes and messages are familiar, the music backing LoPorto's resonant vocals introduces electronic music and digital instrumentation elements to the rock-forward mix. The result is an immersive journey through the minutia of existence that finds comfort in the time we have with one another rather than fixating on things that we cannot change. Can't Swim urge listeners to dig deep within themselves to understand what matters. Life is too short to care about the opinion of others. Find what sets your soul on fire and chase it until you collapse. There is no other way to live.